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Below you will find descriptions and photographs of some of the construction and landscaping projects that Aqua-niche has completed.

Pleasant Grove Riparian Reforestation, Ocean County, NJ

Aqua-niche completed reforestation on this 40+ acre site in 2012.  Plantings included container and bareroot material.  In addition to plantings, we were responsible for constructing 8' tall deer fence around the entire site.  The first year of monitoring indicated a very high survival and success rate.

Rose Garden Dam Removal, Cumberland County, PA

For this project Aqua-niche was responsible for landscape design consultation and landscape installation.  After the removal of a large dam, the exposed areas were reforested with large B&B trees.  We also installed a mulch walking trail on the other side of the creek for fishing and other recreational access.

Ribes missouriense (Missouri Gooseberry) Transplanting, Adams County, PA

In order to complete a nearby facility expansion a population of this Pennsylvania threatened plant species had to be transplanted.  Aqua-niche was hired to assess the existing population, assess and determine adequate transplant sites, develop and obtain approval for transplanting methodologies, complete the transplanting, and monitor the transplanted community for 5 years.  Having successfully completed the transplanting we are currently in the monitoring phase.  Our first year of monitoring indicated a 98% survival rate.  The expertise provided by Aqua-niche on this project allowed the expansion project to proceed and meet all conservation goals. 

Example of a transplanted Ribes missouriense, transplanted by Aqua-niche.

Conestoga River Reforestation, Lancaster County, PA

Floodplain reforestation installed by Aqua-niche, utilizing B&B plant material.  Aqua-niche was also responsible for post construction maintenance to help ensure plant survival.

Lawrence Brook Salt Marsh Restoration, East Brunswick, NJ

This project required approximately 13 acres of tidal salt marsh restoration.  Aqua-niche provided design consultation services and then provided labor and labor management to install over 200,000 plantings on the project.  We also enclosed the entire area with goose fencing including a protective roof over the entire project to deter herbivory by geese.

Stone Gate Commons, York County, PA

Stream bank stabilization and plantings at Stone Gate CommonsFor this project Aqua-niche provided a turn key project to design, build, landscape, and post construction monitor this 1000' stream restoration and 0.20 acre wetland mitigation.  The original stream was very degraded and had significant stream bank erosion problems.  Aqua-niche provided a design that stabilized the stream banks using bio-logs, stream side plantings,boulders and rip wrap. Our company then completed the construction and landscaping from start to finish.

Wetland mitigation site at Stone Gate Commons

Big Spring Creek, Newville, PA

The goal of this project was to further enhance trout habitat in a high quality spring fed stream to encourage more natural trout reproduction.  The design called for stream side benches to be built which would constrict the stream making it deeper in various sections.  In order to fulfill permit requirements for the project these benches also had to function as restored wetlands.  Aqua-niche assisted in the design, and offered technical expertise regarding how to build these stream side benches so they would also be re-established as wetlands.  Aqua-niche also developed a planting and seeding plan that would stabilize the benches quickly and get wetland vegetation re-established.  We then completed all landscaping on the project including stabilization matting, installing wetland herbaceous plugs, seeding and tree and shrub plantings.

Stream side benches landscaped by Aqua-niche using plugs grown in the Aqua-niche Nursery.

Similar bench to the one seen above two years later.

Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge, Sussex County, NJ

For this project Aqua-niche was hired to plant flood plain enhancement plantings along the Wallkill River in the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge.  We also built a mulch walking trail and this elevated board walk to make it easier for visitors to the refuge to observe wildlife and enjoy the area.

Allen Glen Flood Plain Enhancement

Here is a progression over the course of 4 years of the success of a floodplain enhancement project that was designed and installed by Aqua-niche

Year 1-plantings just installed

Year 2

Year 4

Modern Landfill Stream Relocation

For this project Aqua-niche was hired to oversee the construction of 3000' of relocated stream, develop the landscaping plan, and complete the landscaping on the project

Modern Landfill Stream Relocation during construction

Modern Landfill Stream Relocation after 5 years