Ecological Consulting
Habitat Restoration
Native Plant Nursery

Wetland Mitigation

Our experience designing, building and propagating plant material for wetland mitigation projects has given us the expertise to generate highly successful results on every wetland mitigation project we work on.  We have built hundreds of acres of wetlands including freshwater and tidal salt marsh mitigations projects.

Wetland mitigation in Lebanon County, PA

Stream Restoration/Relocation

Aqua-niche offers expert service in stream restoration and relocation.  We offer design services and expert construction and landscaping on these projects.  Our crews are knowledgeable in installing plantings, performing streamside seeding, and installing erosion control products such as erosion matting, and biologs.

Aqua-niche provided design consultation, and landscaped
this 3000' stream relocation in York County, PA

Dam Removals

The importance of free flowing streams has become an important aspect of watershed conservation in recent years.  Aqua-niche has provided our services on numerous dam removal projects of all sizes.

Shoreline Restoration

Aqua-niche has landscaped and restored many areas of shorelines along lakes, ponds and coastal areas. Shoreline restoration prevents erosion and provides habitat by installing native plantings. 

Shoreline Restoration in Monmouth County, NJ
constructed & landscaped by Aqua-Niche

Nature Trails/Boardwalks

An important component of restoring habitat is providing a way for the public to view and enjoy the wildlife it supports.  Aqua-niche has incorporated trails and boardwalks into many of it's projects over the years. Also, mulch walking trail along the river that Aqua-niche installed to keep native vegetation from being disturbed.

Sussex County, NJ in the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge. 

Other Landscaping and Construction Services Offered By Aqua-niche

  • Habitat Enhancement Features (bird boxes, bat boxes etc.)
  • Erosion Control and Slope Stabilization
  • Crib Walls and In-Stream Log and Stone Structures
  • Wildlife Exclusion Fencing and Tree Protection
  • Installation of Bio-Engineering Materials (Fascines, Brush Mattresses, Live Stakes)
  • Raised Garden Beds
  • Welded Wire Fencing and Split-Rail Fencing