Ecological Consulting
Habitat Restoration
Native Plant Nursery

Aqua-niche is an ecological consulting and habitat restoration company located in Marysville, PA.  We have over 24 years of experience providing all types of ecological consulting and habitat restoration services.  In addition to these services we operate our own native plant nursery.  Our clients include engineers, land developers, private land owners, industrial property managers, and non-profit organizations.

The skilled and highly trained scientists at Aqua-niche offer a broad range of ecological consulting services including wetland delineations, stream habitat assessments, aquatic macro invertebrate assessments, threatened and endangered species evaluations, large scale plant and wildlife inventories, wetland mitigation design, and stream restoration and relocation design. Please click on the link at the left to learn more details about our ecological consulting services.

Our habitat restoration services include construction and landscaping of wetland mitigation sites, stream restoration and relocations, flood plain enhancements, and reforestations.  Our landscaping crew is completely mobile and has completed successful projects all across the mid-Atlantic region including PA, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, and WV.  Please click on the link at the left to learn more details about our habitat restoration services.

The Aqua-niche native plant nursery can provide high quality plant material at very competitive costs.  We stock many of the specialty species for wetland projects that many other nurseries do not.  We also have the ability to custom grow plants for a specific project.  We offer onsite deliveries and free estimates.